Evolution Series Fountain

The Evolution Series Fountain was developed from three basic ideas: simple to assemble and maintain, low operating cost and attractive spray patterns that look great.  This evolution of ideas brought about a fountain that has four main parts (float, suction scree, throat and motor), a cost to operate of operate of approximately five cents per hour and spray patterns that rival most large scale fountains.  The Evolution Series Fountain is comprised of high quality plastics, a stainless steel 1/2h, 115V submersible motor and fasteners.  Furthermore, each fountain includes a suction/debris screen, ensuring constant water flow without any impediments.

Each Evolution Series Fountain includes the standard Tornado Nozzle, a control panel with GFCI, photo sensor and timer, 50 ft., 100 ft. or 175 ft. of motor cord, a mooring rope, two mooring augers to anchor the fountain to the shore and a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

An optional 4 light, 120 volt, LED light set with 50 ft., 100 ft. or 175 ft. of light cord is also available to provide nighttime viewing of the fountain.  All light kits utilize cool white lamps, but replacement lamps are available in red, blue, yellow, purple and white.  Each light fixture and controller includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.  Light bulbs carry a 30 day warranty.

The Evolution Series Fountain boasts 5 additional spray nozzles.  Each of the additional spray nozzles are sold separately and can be added at any time.  For ponds that are a 1/2 acre or less, the Evolution Series Fountain will meet and exceed your display needs.



1/2 Hp Evolution starts at $1,315.00     

Tornado 6 ft. 15 ft.
Cluster Arch 6 ft.  16 ft.
Spider & Arch  5.5 ft. 18 ft.
Tiara 7 ft. 15 ft.
Arum  6 ft.  21 ft.
Fleur de Lis  7 ft.  18 ft.