Green Clean® (50 lbs.)

Fast acting, reliable, non-copper based algaecide.

Green Clean® is a fast acting, reliable, non-copper based algaecide that works on contact to eliminate filamentous algae. It can be used in ponds containing fish and aquatic plants. Once diluted in water, Green Clean® granules are non-hazardous to animals such as dogs, birds, and deer. In addition to ponds, Green Clean® can be used to remove algae from non-painted surfaces such as benches, decks and walkways. Registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Organic listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), Green Clean has undergone extensive research and testing to be proven an effective algaecide. Green Clean® is available in four convenient sizes, with a two pound container curatively treating a 1,000 gallon pond for an entire season.


50 lbs: $169.99