Kasco 1/2 Hp X-Stream (2400SF)

Kasco 1/2 Hp x-Stream Fountain is the ideal floating fountain for small water gardens up to large ponds.  The unit includes a standard high flow v-shaped pattern, dual debris screens, three mooring lines, and a control panel with photo eye, timer and GFCI and has the ability to create over 30 spray patterns with the multiple pattern nozzle.  No electrician is required for installation, if an existing 120 V, 15 A receptacle is available near the pond's edge.

The Kasco 1/2 Hp X-Stream Fountain boasts a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

HP Volts 50' Cord 100' Cord 150' Cord 200' Cord
1/2Hp 120 $1,474.00 $1,605.00