Kasco 3 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain (3.1JF)

Kasco 3 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain is an extremely flexible, affordable and effective decorative aerator.  The Multi-Pattern Fountain includes five spray pattens which can be easily changed in a matter of minutes without the aid of tools.  The superb flow rates of Multi-Pattern Fountains provide for enhanced aeration and water quality management.  Combined with lower energy usage, multiple display patterns and an optional lighting package, the Kasco Multi-Pattern Fountain is one of the most affordable and effective decorative aerators.  The Kasco 3 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain boasts a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

HP Volts 50' Cord 100' Cord 150' Cord 200' Cord
3Hp 240 $4,840.00 $5,170.00 $5,275.00 $5,671.00