The ProSkim® uses technology instead of chemicals to make a lake or pond clearer and healthier.  The ProSkim is a chemical-free, environmentally sound mechanical system that uses a unique skimming mechanism to physically remove duckweed, watermeal, azolla and other floating weeds and debris from the water.

Chemical treatments will kill most of the floating weeds on a lake or pond, but the dead weeds then settle to the bottom where they and decay.  The decaying organic matter provides nourishment for any weeds that survived the chemical treatment.  The remaining weeds flourish and the cycle continues with more nutrients the next year.  The ProSkim breaks the cycle by removing the floating weeds.  Because the ProSkim is chemical free, lake or pond inhabitants, flowing water and ground water are not in danger of chemical contamination.

The ProSkim works quickly.  Chemical and enzyme methods require weeks or more to work.  The ProSkim provides visibly clearer results in just days and benefits that extend beyond just one season.  Because the ProSkim removes weeds (and therefore nutrients)the lake, pond or reservoir will become clearer and clearer year after year. Compared to the ongoing annual expense of chemical treatments that offer temporary results, the ProSkim is less expensive over time.  Because the unit is portable and easy to set up, the ProSkim can be installed in other lakes or ponds.  The ProSkim is an investment in a lake or pond's future.

The ProSkim consists of an in-water floating collection unit that connects by hose to an onshore filtration unit.  The heart of the ProSkim is its in-water floating collection unit, a special skimmer that has been designed to extract only those weeds and organic debris that float on the surface of the water.  The in-water floating collection unit creates a powerful vortex of water that draws in floating weeds and debris.  The uniquely designed stainless steel pump generates a powerful flow in which water, weeds and debris are collected and pumped through a hose to the on-shore filtration unit.  The weeds and debris remain behind on shore in the filtration unit while the clear, filtered, aerated water flows through the return hoses and back into the lake or pond.

**Note: covering hood for the collection unit is sold separately

The ProSkim System: $6,950.00