Spawning Disc

Spawning Disc is a 20 inch concave poly disc that is elevated off the bottom of the pond on a 9 inch PVC stake.  It provides a solid, stable surface for bluegill sunfish to deposit their eggs.  For best results, use up to 24 discs per acre in groups of 3-8.

Hidey Hole Log

Hidey Hole Log

Hidey Hole Log is a compact fish habitat ideal for enhancing existing structure.  Use up to 18 logs per surface acre in water that is 3-4 feet deep.


Clipper® is a quick-dissolving granule that delivers fast control of tough invasive and nuisance plants, including watermeal and duckweed.  Due to the fast acting nature of Clipper® and the resulting weed decomposition, it is recommended that applications be done when weed growth is minimal and aeration is available.

Kasco 1 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain (4400JF)


Kasco 1 Hp Multi-Pattern Fountain is an extremely flexible, affordable and effective decorative aerator.  The Multi-Pattern Fountain includes five spray pattens which can be easily changed in a matter of minutes without the aid of tools.  The superb flow rates of Multi-Pattern Fountains provide for enhanced aeration and water quality management.  Combined with lower energy usage, multiple display patterns and an optional lighting package, the Kasco Multi-Pattern Fountain is one of the most affordable and effective decorative aerators. 


Phosclear is a buffered alum product used for water clarification and phosphate removal.  Depending on weather conditions, several applications throughout the season may be required.

Pondmaster Fractioning Impellers

Fractioning impellers for pump models 7 & 18. 

Note: Fractioning impellers differ from the regular impellers for model 7 and model 18 pumps.

Pondmaster Venturi Assembly W/ Tubing & Muffler

Venturi Assembly with Tubing and Muffler
Model 2-7 & Model 9.5-18

Solar LED Light Set

Connect A Dock Lights

Light up the dock edge at night with these solar LED lights.  Each set comes with two LED lights.

Dimensions:  3.36” x 1.68" x 7.73” 


Blue Heron Decoy

Blue Heron Decoy

Blue Heron Decoys are used to deter migratory blue herons' predatory behavior.  Move the decoys frequently (3-4 times a week) to ensure optimal success.  The blue heron decoy is made of hard, molded plastic and painted with a lifelike finish. 


Brooder Golden Shiners

BROODER GOLDEN SHINERS (Notemigonus crysoleucas)

ALIAS:   Arkansas shiner, shiner minnow

IDENTIFICATION:  The brooder shiner is a larger, more reproductively mature golden shiner.  Brooder shiners are often used for forage enhancement, supplemental stocking and fishing for larger predators.

DIET: Zooplankton, crustaceans and small insects.