Floating Fish Food (Pallet or 1/2 Pallet)

Floating Fish Food is sold in 33 lbs. bags. This high quality aquaculture food has a minimum protein content of 35% and is perfect for feeding any gamefish. Gamefish should be fed a minimum of 3–7 days per week to see optimal results.

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Phoslock is a phosphorus-binding compound that utilizes lanthanum to remove free phosphorus from the water and restore water quality.  Phoslock may be applied in a single application, over several days or even split up over multiple seasons, depending on the site objective.

Filter Falls

Filter Falls

Galleon SC

Galleon* SC is a selective, aquatic herbicide that is often mixed with Sonar A.S to manage troublesome strains of watermeal and other nuisance aquatic weeds. 

  • Requires contact time of 60-120 days
  • Apply 4.4 to 13.1 oz./acre-foot of water
  • Controls duckweed, Eurasian watermilfoil, azolla fern and floating heart

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Sonar Genesis

Sonar® Genesis is a fast-acting and long-lasting version of Sonar AS. 



Komeen® is a liquid, copper-based herbicide. Treated areas may be used for swimming, drinking, fishing and livestock watering immediately after an application.

  • Can be tank mixed with other herbicides for broader control
  • For most weeds, copper levels of 0.5-1.0 ppm will provide sufficient control
  • Effective in hard water

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SeClear is an algaecide and water quality enhancer that provides effective control of a broad range of algae species and reduces phosphorus levels during each application. 

  • Controls planktonic & filamentous algae
  • Apply at 14 day intervals
  • Reduces the need for copper over time
  • No water use restrictions

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Cattail Solution Duo

Cattail Solution Duo includes both AquaPro and Cide-Kick II.  When used together, they effectively penetrate cell walls and control many emergent plants, including aquatic grasses, cattails and water lilies. 

  • No water use restrictions
  • Available in quarts or gallons
  • Application rates vary, depending on targeted species

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Hidey Hole Tree

Hidey Hole Tree is a tangle-free fish habitat best suited for areas deeper than 6 feet.  Fish for largemouth bass and black crappie without the worry of snagging/losing lures. 

  • Over 15,000 square inches of surface area for algae, egg and insect larvae attachment
  • (1) Poly cone
  • (93) 36" polyethylene limbs
  • Self-weighted
  • Permanent
  • Will not rot or rust


Green Clean® (50 lbs.)

Fast acting, reliable, non-copper based algaecide.