Aquastrike® is a broad-spectrum, aquatic herbicide used to control nuisance and exotic aquatic plants.

SeClear G

SeClear G is a granular product that controls nuisance algae and enhances water quality, by treating algae that is present and reducing the available phosphorus and suspended solids with each application. 

Ecosense pH Pen

The pH-10A eliminates the need for cumbersome field kids to measure pH.  It's the perfect instrument for economical spot sampling of pH and temperature in many applications, including wastewater, surface water, aquaculture, hydroponic pools and education. 

  • Waterproof
  • Easily calibrated
  • Batteries included
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty


pH Pen:  $115.00

Komeen Crystal®

Komeen Crystal® controls many submersed and floating aquatic plant species, including hydrilla, coontail, elodea and Eurasian watermilfoil. 

  • Recommended application rate: 7.7 to 15.5 lbs./acre foot of water
  • Single applications should not exceed 1.0ppm metallic copper
  • 14 day interval recommended between treatments

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Beach Comber Rake

Beach Comber Rake is designed for sifting, grading and screening stones and debris from sand and other fine soils. 

Slider Turtle Trap

Slider Turtle Trap consists of a welded aluminum frame and flippers that pivot on stainless steel hinges. 

Derby Stocking

Whether you are a farm owner, president of a corporation or a community organizer, the stocking of adult channel catfish and hybrid bluegill for fishing derbies is gaining in popularity.  Children and adults alike love catching large sportfish.  The fight these fish provide makes lasting memories. 

Derby fish are best stocked in the cool spring months of March and June.  While they can be stocked throughout the summer, these fish acclimate much better in cooler water and will bite quicker when the stress of stocking is kept to a minimum.

Muck Block

Muck Block aids in the reduction of organic pond sludge by digesting leaf litter, dead algae and decaying plant matter. 

Coolwater Accelerated Stocking Packages

Swimming Accelerated Stocking Package