Diffused Aeration Parts & Accessories

Piston Maintenance Kit

Piston Maintenance Kit contains the cylinder sleeve, o-ring gasket, piston cup, o-ring, retainer screw, valve restraint, valve strip keeper and valve flapper. 

  • Replace every 24 months.
  • Consider having a Jones Fish service technician perform routine, on-site maintenance


CPA-1 (120v) Maintenance Kit:  $109.99

Dual Piston Compressor

Dual Piston Compressor is oil free, energy efficient and designed to operate continuously.


CPA-2 Replacement Compressor: $799.99

Standard Diffuser Template

Silica Synergistic Lift Diffuser is included with each Complete Pond Aerator (CPA). The glass-bonded silica diffuser stones are designed to lift large volumes of water, break up the thermocline and destratify the pond or lake.

Upgrade Diffuser Template

Upgrade Diffuser Template increases water flow by up to 30%. Their unique bubble curtain is particularly effective at creating water flow.

  •  Robust and easily cleaned
  •  Includes fittings for either 3/8" or 5/8" tubing
  •  Fill it with gravel to ballast (gravel not included)


Felt Filter

Felt Filter

Felt Filters are used on both CPA-1 and CPA-2 systems.  Replace every 3-4 months for optimal performance. 

$3.79 each or 12 for $35.00


Fiber Filter

Fiber Filters are utilized on CPA-3, 4 & 5 systems.  They should be replaced every 3-4 months for optimal performance. 

$19.99 each or 3 for $55.00

Carbon Vane Maintenance Kit

Carbon Vane Maintenance Kit contains four carbon vanes, and one replacement gasket.  Replace sacrificial vanes every 12 months.


Silica Air Diffuser Stone

Silica Diffuser Stones force air into tiny bubbles to move water to the pond surface and create circulation within the pond or lake. 

4 for $89.99