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Goose Buster

Goose Buster is an ultrasonic goose control system that uses four speakers to broadcast an audio attack.  The emitted sounds confuse, disorient, and intimidate pest birds to rid ponds of stubborn infestations.

Hydrothol Granular

Hydrothol® Granular is an effective treatment for watermilfoil, various pondweeds, elodea and chara, as well as difficult to treat species, such as hydrodiction and pithophora. 

Super Sprayer

super sprayer, spray, jones fish

Super Sprayer features all Viton® O-rings and gaskets for maximum chemical resistance.

Parachute Pond Skimmer

Parachute Pond Skimmer features a 5ft seine that collects debris from the pond surface.

Bat Houses

Bat Houses encourage a bat population. Bats are an extremely effective insect control method.  Each bat house includes a roughened interior surface.



Aqua-Prep® is a blend of enzymes and surfactants designed to reduce and digest organic materials such as leaf litter and recently treated algae and pondweeds.

Aquatic Vegetation Removal Duo

The Aquatic Vegetation Removal Duo is an environmentally friendly way to remove unwanted floating and submersed aquatic vegetation from ponds.  The Aquatic Weed Eradicator (AWE) cuts weeds where they grow.  The Lake Rake gathers floating vegetation for easy removal.

True Blue™

True Blue

True Blue™ is an attractive blue lake dye that is packaged in water-soluble packets to provide a clean and easy application.

Super Fork

Super Fork is a versatile clean up tool that can be used with other vegetation removal tools. For safety, use caution when lifting to ensure debris loads are not too heavy.

Sonar® A.S.

Sonar AS

Sonar® A.S. controls a broad spectrum of submerged and floating plants including watermeal and duckweed.