Chemicals and Algaecides



Captain® is a chelated, copper-based algaecide for use in ponds for the control of planktonic, filamentous and macrophytic algae species.

Buffering Agent

Alum is often applied with a buffering agent, such as sodium bicarbonate, to avoid a rapid pH drop.

  • Helps maintain a pH of 6-8 when applied with aluminum sulfate
  • Application rates vary from 50 lbs. to 2000 lbs per surface acre
  • Utilize pH pen to monitor pH fluctions


50 lbs.  $59.99

Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum Sulfate, or alum, has long been used as a water clarifying agent and rapid phosphorus binder. Depending on weather conditions, several applications throughout the season may be required.  Alum has the potential to rapidly drop water pH.  This rapid change has the potential to negatively impact aquatic life.  Monitoring pH during applications is highly recommended.


Stingray® is a selective, aquatic herbicide used in the management of floating aquatic weeds, such as water lettuce, water hyacinth, salvinia and duckweed. 


Aquastrike® is a broad-spectrum, aquatic herbicide used to control nuisance and exotic aquatic plants.

SeClear G

SeClear G is a granular product that controls nuisance algae and enhances water quality, by treating algae that is present and reducing the available phosphorus and suspended solids with each application. 

Komeen Crystal®

Komeen Crystal® controls many submersed and floating aquatic plant species, including hydrilla, coontail, elodea and Eurasian watermilfoil. 

  • Recommended application rate: 7.7 to 15.5 lbs./acre foot of water
  • Single applications should not exceed 1.0ppm metallic copper
  • 14 day interval recommended between treatments

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Clipper® is a quick-dissolving granule that delivers fast control of tough invasive and nuisance plants, including watermeal and duckweed.  Due to the fast acting nature of Clipper® and the resulting weed decomposition, it is recommended that applications be done when weed growth is minimal and aeration is available.


Phosclear is a buffered alum product used for water clarification and phosphate removal.  Depending on weather conditions, several applications throughout the season may be required.


Phoslock is a phosphorus-binding compound that utilizes lanthanum to remove free phosphorus from the water and restore water quality.  Phoslock may be applied in a single application, over several days or even split up over multiple seasons, depending on the site objective.