Chemicals and Algaecides


Shoreklear®-Plus is an all in one floating and emergent shoreline aquatic weed and brush killer. Susceptible species include cattails, water lilites and sedges.

Sonar® RTU

Sonar® RTU is a ready-to-use formulation that requires no mixing of chemicals or spray equipment.  Simply apply it directly to the water from the shoreline and allow it to work. 

Large Granular Spreader

hand crank spreader, spreader, professional
hand crank spreader, spreader, professional

Large Granular Spreaders are used to apply granular herbicides and algaecides.

  • Rustproof, poly construction
  • Hand-powered crank
  • 25 lbs. capacity



Renovate Max G

Renovate® Max G is a selective, dual-action, systemic herbicide that combines 2,4-D and triclopyr.

  • Effectively controls Eurasian watermilfoil
  • No fishing or swimming restrictions when used as labeled
  • Effective at concentrations from 0.25-5.0 ppm
  • Application rates are as low as 4.7 lbs/surface acre

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Sculpin G

Sculpin G is a selective, systemic herbicide found in granular form.

  • Granular formulation of 2,4-D
  • Effectively controls watermilfoil
  • No fishing or swimming restrictions when used as labeled
  • Application rates as low as 32.7 lbs./surface acre

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Hydrothol Granular

Hydrothol® Granular is an effective treatment for watermilfoil, various pondweeds, elodea and chara, as well as difficult to treat species, such as hydrodiction and pithophora. 

Super Sprayer

super sprayer, spray, jones fish

Super Sprayer features all Viton® O-rings and gaskets for maximum chemical resistance.



Aqua-Prep® is a blend of enzymes and surfactants designed to reduce and digest organic materials such as leaf litter and recently treated algae and pondweeds.

Sonar® A.S.

Sonar AS

Sonar® A.S. controls a broad spectrum of submerged and floating plants including watermeal and duckweed.

Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayer is utilized by the licensed applicators at Jones Fish & Lake Management in the application of algaecides, herbicides, game repellants and more.

  • Accepts water and oil-based chemicals
  • Seals are resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Four gallon capacity