Fishing Supplies

Crawfish Trap

Crawfish Trap

Crawfish Trap is ideal for removing unwanted crawfish from ponds. Crawfish traps are also perfect for catching live bait. Ponds that are overpopulated with crawfish should consider multiple traps.

XL Fish Food Lures

The XL Fish Food Lures are ideal for catching catfish and other adult predators.

Ultimate Fish Scale

Ultimate Fish Scale is made of coated polypropylene plastic that repels water.  The curved end makes it easy to place fish without worrying about them sliding off.  The ultra portable handle makes this a breeze to grab and go.  The sheer width of this scale makes guesswork obsolete and precision the key factor.



Catfish Trap Nets

Catfish Trap Nets are ideal for harvesting catfish faster, easier and in larger numbers.  This hoop-style net allows fish to enter through two narrowing throats and remain trapped and unharmed inside the net.  A drawstring end allows for easy fish removal.  The Catfish Trap Net is easy to bait and anchor anywhere in the pond.

Frog Gig

Frog Gig

Frog Gig is used to harvest bullfrogs during their season.  When fried or grilled, frog legs provide a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and potassium. 

Live Bait

In addition to nightcrawlers and red worms, we also sell rosy red minnows, fathead minnows, and golden shiners as fishing bait.  So, the next time you are around the Cincinnati area, pick up a couple dozen of these lively fish catchers for your next fishing expedition.

Fathead Minnows:  $4.50 per dozen

Golden Shiners:  $5.00 per dozen

Rosy Red Minnows:  $5.00 per dozen


Nightcrawlers are one of the most popular fishing baits available.  Fishermen have used them to catch everything from largemouth bass and channel catfish to hybrid bluegill.  Our nightcrawlers attain lengths of up to 14" and if kept properly, can live 6-8 years.  They come in a styrofoam box and should be kept at a temperature of 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Each box contains one dozen nightcrawlers.

$3.99 for 1 dozen

Fish Food Lure

The Fish Food Lures are designed to catch pellet-trained fish that may be luruking in a pond or lake. 

Minnow Trap

minnow trap

Minnow Traps area designed for use in still or flowing water.  Baiting is easy; simply place bread or crackers inside the trap.

Fish Nets

Fish Nets are ideal for handling small to medium sized fish.