Green Items

Muck Block

Muck Block aids in the reduction of organic pond sludge by digesting leaf litter, dead algae and decaying plant matter. 

Worm Castings

Worm Castings are the byproduct of raising nightcrawlers and red worms.  Castings are a long lasting, organic fertilizer that provide outstanding benefits to terrestrial plants.

  • Use on vegetables, annual flowers, roses, trees, potted plants and lawns
  • Will not burn plants
  • Apply every 2 months
  • Not for use in ponds

5 lbs.  $6.99


Phoslock is a phosphorus-binding compound that utilizes lanthanum to remove free phosphorus from the water and restore water quality.  Phoslock may be applied in a single application, over several days or even split up over multiple seasons, depending on the site objective.


The ProSkim® uses technology instead of chemicals to make a lake or pond clearer and healthier.  The ProSkim is a chemical-free, environmentally sound mechanical system that uses a unique skimming mechanism to physically remove duckweed, watermeal, azolla and other floating weeds and debris from the water.

Weed Razer

Weed Razer can cut and remove pond weeds in minutes.

Sludge Pellets

Sludge Pellets

Sludge Pellets are comprised of minerals, muck reducing bacteria, and an organic catalyst which quickly ingest muck and the organic matter found on the bottom of both ponds and water gardens. 



Macro-Zyme™ is a unique blend of bacteria and enzymes that rapidly biodegrades sludge, improves water quality, decreases suspended particles and solids, and eliminates odor. 

Polymer Block

Polymer Blocks are designed to remove fine particles and reduce phosphate and heavy metal levels when placed in turbid water.

Muck Shovel

Muck Shovel utilizes a revolutionary and patented “hole” design that is highly valued for its mud and muck releasing capabilities.  The muck shovel is a superior tool when digging in mud, clay and water saturated materials, but also ideal when sifting debris.

Parachute Pond Skimmer

Parachute Pond Skimmer features a 5ft seine that collects debris from the pond surface.