Green Items



Aqua-Prep® is a blend of enzymes and surfactants designed to reduce and digest organic materials such as leaf litter and recently treated algae and pondweeds.

Aquatic Vegetation Removal Duo

The Aquatic Vegetation Removal Duo is an environmentally friendly way to remove unwanted floating and submersed aquatic vegetation from ponds.  The Aquatic Weed Eradicator (AWE) cuts weeds where they grow.  The Lake Rake gathers floating vegetation for easy removal.

Super Fork

Super Fork is a versatile clean up tool that can be used with other vegetation removal tools. For safety, use caution when lifting to ensure debris loads are not too heavy.

Lake Rake

Lake Rake is used for the manual removal of unwanted aquatic vegetation and nuisance algae.

  • 11' powder-coated aluminum handle
  • 36" wide head
  • Wrap-around bracing adds strength to the head
  • Includes float and 20' rope


Aquatic Weed Eradicator

Aquatic Weed Eradicator (AWE) is used for the manual removal of unwanted aquatic vegetation. This rake acts as a bottom cutter, eliminating aquatic weeds where they grow. 

  • 11' powder-coated aluminum handle
  • 28" wide serrated blade
  • Reinforced blade designed for heavy work load
  • Acts as a bottom cutter, eliminating weeds where they grow