More Pond/Lake Supplies

Waterway Signs

Waterway Signs are manufacturer from 0.80" gauge, 3105 alloy aluminum and feature 1 1/2" radius corners and two 3/8" mounting holes. 

Pond Gloves

Pond Gloves

Pond Gloves are arm length gloves that are gartered at the cuffs to prevent slippage. The provide chemical and waterproof protection from the fingertip to the top of the arm.

  • 26" length
  • Textured finish from gripping
  • Nitrile coated
  • Cotton liner
  • Machine washable
  • Available in LG or XL

Ecosense pH Pen

The pH-10A eliminates the need for cumbersome field kids to measure pH.  It's the perfect instrument for economical spot sampling of pH and temperature in many applications, including wastewater, surface water, aquaculture, hydroponic pools and education. 

  • Waterproof
  • Easily calibrated
  • Batteries included
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty


pH Pen:  $115.00

Beach Comber Rake

Beach Comber Rake is designed for sifting, grading and screening stones and debris from sand and other fine soils. 

Frog Gig

Frog Gig

Frog Gig is used to harvest bullfrogs during their season.  When fried or grilled, frog legs provide a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and potassium. 

Tree Swallow House

Tree Swallow House should be placed 5-15 ft high.  A dead tree located at the edge of a field near a lake or pond helps create an ideal nesting habitat for the tree swallow.  These voracious insect eaters are very entertaining to watch as they swoop to dive and catch flying pests.

Tracing Dyes

Tracing Dyes

Tracing Dyes are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable water tracing products designed to aid in the visual detection of leaks and water movement.

Large Granular Spreader

hand crank spreader, spreader, professional
hand crank spreader, spreader, professional

Large Granular Spreaders are used to apply granular herbicides and algaecides.

  • Rustproof, poly construction
  • Hand-powered crank
  • 25 lbs. capacity



Super Sprayer

super sprayer, spray, jones fish

Super Sprayer features all Viton® O-rings and gaskets for maximum chemical resistance.

Bat Houses

Bat Houses encourage a bat population. Bats are an extremely effective insect control method.  Each bat house includes a roughened interior surface.