More Pond/Lake Supplies

Wood Duck Houses

Wood Duck Houses are handcrafted from eastern white pine and provide optimal dimensions, materials, ventilation and drainage for wood ducks.

  • Ship assembled
  • Include internal duckling ladder
  • Easy to clean
  • Large House: 24.25" H x 11" W x 15" D
  • Small House: 17" H x 7.5" W x 15" D


Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayer is utilized by the licensed applicators at Jones Fish & Lake Management in the application of algaecides, herbicides, game repellants and more.

  • Accepts water and oil-based chemicals
  • Seals are resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Four gallon capacity


Purple Martin House

Purple Martin House

Purple Martins Houses have everything these voracious insect eaters desire.  Each house contains multiple apartments for the establishment of purple martin colonies. 

Fish Nets

Fish Nets are ideal for handling small to medium sized fish. 

Small Granular Spreader

Small Granular Spreader

Small Granular Spreader 

  • Applies granular herbicides and algaecides
  • Rustproof poly construction
  • Hand-powered crank
  • 5-7 lb. capacity