Pond & Lake Chemicals and Supplies

Aquathol Super K 25lbs.

Aquathol® Super K is a concentrated, granular aquatic herbicide.

  • Ideal for selectivly treating areas, such as beaches and coves
  • 7 to 25 day irrigation and domestic use restriction
  • Application rate is 2.2 to 22 lbs. per acre-foot

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Tagging Pliers & Clamps (Size 1)

Tagging Pliers (Size 1) are designed for use with Size 1 Self-piercing Clamp Tags.  These tags are  normally inserted in the operculum (gill cover).  The tags are sequentially numbered and an excellent way to track individual fish.

Note:  These Size 1 Tagging Pliers and Tags are designed for small fish.


Tagging Pliers (Size 1):  $24.99

Will O The Wisp Fish Feeder

Will O The Wisp Fish Feeder utilizes a circular light that attracts insects.  A high speed fan pulls the insects into the feeder and blows them into the water to feed your fish.  The feeder is designed to be placed on a post and overhang the water. 


Retail Price:  $358.75

Sale Price:  $322.88

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye Special

Buy 3 Quarts of Concentrated Blue Lake Dye and Get 1 Fishing Reel Free!

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye imparts a beautiful, natural hue to ponds, lakes and decorative fountains. 

Connect A Dock 2000 Series Float Section

A lifetime of waterfront adventures await with the family-friendly Connect-A-Dock floating dock system.  Modular design and rugged construction allow a simple, quick and reliable way to build boat docks, rowing docks, fishing docks, swimming platforms and anything else you can imagine for your home.



Model FS2024

48" x 24" x 20"

Sludge Pellets

Sludge Pellets

Sludge Pellets are comprised of minerals, muck reducing bacteria, and an organic catalyst which quickly ingest muck and the organic matter found on the bottom of both ponds and water gardens.