Water Garden Equipment

Easy Pro 150w Transformer


Easy Pro 150 watt Transformer with Photoeye and Timer  (120v to 12v)

  • Has a photo eye that automatically turns on at dusk and a timer that runs four, six or eight hours before turning lights off
  • Epoxy filled and weatherproof for long life
  • Model:  EPT150


Handi-Tool Foam Gun

Handi-Tool HT3000

Handi-Tool HT3000

The Handi-Tool HT300 is a durable, solvent-resistant, entry-level dispensing unit for the professional contractor that allows for adjustable bead control. The HT300 has a barrel length of 7 inches




Pondmaster 35w Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Pondmaster 35w Ultraviolet Sterilizer

This submersible ultraviolet clarifier/sterilizer is designed for ponds up to 6000 gallons with pumps up to 3000 gph.  This unit controls waterborne algae and prevents the spread of disease. This unit (model 02935) includes the transformer, 18 ft. power cord and two 1.5" barbed elbow fittings. 

Retail Price:  $349.99

Triton Universal Check Valve

Triton Universal Check Valve simplifies pump installation and removal. 


Sacrificial Anode

Little Giant Sacrificial Anode

Helps protect aluminum-body pumps from galvanic corrosion.  It is ideal for use on the following Little Giant Pumps:  1-EA Series, 1-MA Series, #1 Series, #2 Series, #3 Series, #4 Series and #5 Series.

Retail Price: $24.99

Clearance Price:  $5.00

Creature Cubbyhole

Creature Cubbyhole (Medium)

A molded plastic Creature Cubbyhole offers reptiles ample, affordable space for burrowing, breeding or basking. Smooth plastic construction means quick sanitizing with soap and water. Strong, yet light, construction gives added convenience for hobbyists and breeders who maintain a number of enclosures at once.

Retail Price:  $12.99

3 Outlet 20W Replacement Transformer

Pondmaster 3 Outlet 20W Replacement Transformer

This rugged transformer is perfect for up to 3 low voltage lights.  This is designed for use with Pondmaster low voltage sumbersible pond lights. 

  • Rugged, weatherproof construction
  • Includes 3 ft. cord set
  • Output 12v AC

Retail Price:  $75.99

PONDMASTER 35gph Fountain Pump

PONDMASTER 35gph Fountain Pump

  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable flow control
  • For aquariums, small statuary and tabletop fountains
  • Completely submersible
  • No maintenance--only 1 moving part!
  • 6 ft. power cord

Retail Price:  $21.99