Koi & Goldfish Food & Treats

4 lbs. Goldfish Food

4 lbs. Goldfish Food is palatable and balanced to properly feed comets, shubunkins and fantails. The pellets are 1/8" in diameter.  The floating pellets can be fed daily when water temperatures are above 50º F.  Feed only what fish will consume in 5 minutes. 


Tetra Pond Sticks

An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health. Feed in spring, summer and fall, when water temperatures are 50°F and above. 

Premium Koi Food

Premium Koi Food is enriched with natural color enhancers such as spirulina algae and krill meal, and is properly balanced to promote rich colors in ornamental fish. It is available in two floating pellet sizes. The floating pellets should be fed daily, only feeding as much as your fish will eat in five to ten minutes. Premium Koi Food will not cloud the water.

Tetra Flake Food

Easy-feed flakes make a perfect primary meal for small pond fish such as goldfish and small koi. TetraPond Flake Fish Food is an ideal daily maintenance diet that provides pond fish the necessary nutrition for energy, longevity and overall health. Scientifically developed formulation supports immune health and helps enhance natural pond fish coloration. Highly digestible, clear water formula. Crumble flakes to easily feed smaller fry.

Tetra Koi Vibrance

Tetra Vibrance

A highly nutritional diet provides basics and brings out vibrant reds and yellows on Koi and ornamental goldfish. Feed in spring, summer, and fall when water temperatures are 50°F and above. Ingredients: wheat starch, fish meal, corn flour, dehulled soybean meal, feeding oat meal, wheat germ, wheat germ meal.

Tetra Wheat Germ Feed

Tetra Wheat Germ Feed is recommended for fall and spring.  Wheat germ‘s exceptional digestibility at low temperatures is very important since fish metabolism and the pond’s ammonia-reducing biological activity are greatly diminished in colder months. Feed in spring and fall, when water temperatures are below 50°F and above 39°F

Premium Koi Food (33 lbs.)

Premium Koi Food is extremely palatable and enriched with natural color enhancers and spriulina algae.  It is properly balance to promote rich colors in ornamental fish. 

**The shipping cost of a single bag of food may be somewhat restrictive.  Pond owners who plan to feed for a full season often purchase half or full pallet quantities and have the food shipped to their residence.


33 lbs.  $109.99