Ornamental Fish

Bullfrog Tadpole

BULLFROG TADPOLES (Lithobates catesbeianus)

ALIAS: Polliwog, squirt, porwigle

IDENTIFICATION:  The larval form of the bullfrog emerges from eggs with gills and a long, flat tail.  As the tadpole matures, front and hind legs will develop as the tail is reduced in size.

Single Tail Goldfish

SINGLE TAIL GOLDFISH (Carassius auratus)

ALIAS: Shubunkin, sarasa comet, comet goldfish

IDENTIFICATION:  There are over 100 varieties of fancy goldfish, with most originating from Asia.  This hardy species appears in a variety of colors including orange, black, white, blue and red.  

Domestic Koi

DOMESTIC KOI (Cyprinus carpio)

ALIAS: Koi carp, Japanese koi, Nishikigoi 

IDENTIFICATION: Koi are a descendant of common carp. They have been selectively bred for more than 1000 years to produce the brilliant colorations that we have today. These brightly colored fish make an excellent attraction for any water feature.

Fantail Goldfish

FANTAIL GOLDFISH (Carassius auratus)

ALIAS: Veiltail, oranda, moore, ryunkin,  

IDENTIFICATION: Fantail goldfish are a type of double-tailed goldfish with split tail fins. Mostly originating from China, fantail goldfish come in color varieties such as metallic red, calico, orange and white, and orange. Unlike single-tail goldfish varieties, fantail goldfish have a short and deep body shape.

Butterfly Koi

BUTTERFLY KOI (Cyprinus spp.)

ALIAS: Long-fin koi, dragon carp, koi kichi

Black Moor

Black Moor is a variety of goldfish originating from China that has a robust body and long, flowing fantail. Moors also exhibit protruding, telescopic eyes. The black velvet appearance intensifies with age and sunlight exposure. However, prolonged exposure to excessively high water temperatures can cause the fish to revert to an orange color. As with all types of goldfish, the black moor prefers a variety of food. It is best to offer a staple of pellets or flake food, but supplement with fresh alternatives such as peas or earthworms.