Water Garden Algae Control & Barley Treatments

Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4

Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 is a liquid algae control product for use in ornamental ponds and fountains without any outflow. 

Barley Straw - 2 pack

Barley Straw

Keep your pond water clean and clear year-round! Clear-Water® Barley Straw Clarifiers are easy to use, safe and attractive. Clear your pond, fountain and fish tank naturally!

  • Acts as a natural filter to keep your pond clean and clear
  • Won’t harm fish or plants
  • Works for up to 6 months
  • Each bale is effective for up to 6 months in a 1,000 gallon pond


Pond Balance

Pond Balance is a unique non-algaecidal formulation that is safe for plants, fish, beneficial bacteria and pets. Pond Balance reduces or eliminates nutrients that filamentous algae needs to grow. Pond Balance also contains micronutrients and plant stimulants to help establish a naturally balanced water garden. Treatments should start early in the Spring and continue throughout the Summer.

Small Box          $28.99


GreenClean® is a fast acting, reliable, non-copper based algaecide that works on contact to eliminate filamentous algae.

  • Can be used in ponds containing fish and aquatic plants
  • Once diluted in water as labeled, granules are non-hazardous to animals
  • Safe for goldfish and koi
  • Perfect for waterfall rock applications

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Barley Extract with Peat

Barley Extract with Peat is rich in organic peat which softens pond water-reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the water column-and provides a buffering agent and ion attenuation in lined ponds that additionally gives them some‑beneficial properties of earthen ponds!

Barley Pellets

Barley Pellets

Barley Straw Pellets are manufactured using an exclusive proprietary process that eliminates the use of wheat, corn or other binders. Each bag of Barley Straw Pellets includes a graduated, dry-measure cup with both oz. and ml. measurements for easy application.