Water Garden Misc.

Pond Gloves

Pond Gloves

Pond Gloves are arm length gloves that are gartered at the cuffs to prevent slippage. The provide chemical and waterproof protection from the fingertip to the top of the arm.

  • 26" length
  • Textured finish from gripping
  • Nitrile coated
  • Cotton liner
  • Machine washable
  • Available in LG or XL

K&H Perfect Climate De-Icer

K&H Perfect Climate De-Icers are a floating or submersible de-icer in one convenient package.  De-icers are designed to maintain and opening in the ice for winter gas transfer. 

  • Thermostacically controlled
  • Available in 3 wattages
  • Safe in ponds
  • Will not harm liners
  • 12 ft. cord
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

*Sizing chart should be used to properly select de-icer.

Blue Heron Decoy

Blue Heron Decoy

Blue Heron Decoys are used to deter migratory blue herons' predatory behavior.  Move the decoys frequently (3-4 times a week) to ensure optimal success.  The blue heron decoy is made of hard, molded plastic and painted with a lifelike finish. 


EPDM Liner Repair Kit

Liner Repair Kit

This high-quality liner repair kit includes two 6"x6" rubber patches, 2 ounces of adhesive primer, scrub pad, patch roller, and one pair of disposable gloves.  This kit includes supplies to repair two small holes for tears in an EPDM liner.


Handi Foam

Handi-Foam: One-component polyurethane foam is a moisture cured sealant used to fill, seal, bond, insulate and deaden sound. It expands 2 to 3 times the extruded bead and adheres to all surfaces except Teflon, silicon, and polyethylene. Ideally suited for areas where product appearance may be a factor.

Note: 29oz foam must be used with Foam Gun.

12oz Can:  $19.99

Handi Foam Gun Applicator

This foam applicator gun is designed for the 31 oz. foam can as well as the 12 oz. cleaner. Each foam can screws onto the gun, allowing high flow and easy placement of the foam. Designed for multiple use as long as the cleaner is used betweeen applications. The foam gun is constructed of plastic.



Handi Foam Polyurethane Cleaner

Handi-Foam Polyurethane Cleaner is a cleaning solvent used to dissolve uncured polyurethane foam and adhesives. Uniquely designed for use with the one-component dispensing units as well as for general cleaning purposes. 12 oz. container/ flammable.