Atlantic Tidalwave Pumps

Tidal Wave Pump

ATLANTIC TIDALWAVE PUMPS:  The sound of a waterfall cascading down rocks into a pond or stream enhances any water garden in a way that no other water feature can.  The TidalWave Pumps are ruggedly manufactured for powerful, continuous operation with a slim and compact design.  Featuring heavy-duty double seals with silicone carbide facings, these submersible pumps are ideal for running waterfalls or other water features.  The rugged metal housing and cast iron vortex impeller ensure long life operation with solids handling capability.  Each pump is permanently sealed and contains an automatic reset motor protector to prevent failure due to overheating, high amps, and voltage drop.  TidalWave Pumps will faithfully power your water feature with high performance and durability.  Each TidalWave Pump features a 32ft. power cord and a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


   Model #  

 Motor Size   Discharge     Voltage    Amperage   Flow Capacity   Price
 A05  1/2 Hp 2"  115 volt 5.7 A 3,000 gph $581.99
A21  1 Hp  2" 115 volt  9.6 A  5,400 gph $866.99
 A31  1 Hp  3"  115 volt  10.3 A  9,100 gph  $960.99