Captain® is a chelated, copper-based algaecide for use in ponds for the control of planktonic, filamentous and macrophytic algae species. Captain® may be tank mixed with herbicides such as Reward® or Aquathol K® to improve efficacy and control weeds in areas where heavy algae growth may cover target submersed plant species and interfere with herbicide exposure. For optimal results, dilute Captain® with water for a more uniform coverage of the area to be treated.

  • Reapply as needed, every 14 days
  • Not for use with koi, goldfish or trout
  • Application rates are 0.6 - 3.0 gallons per acre-foot of water
  • Safe for use at golf courses, irrigation and fire ponds, aquaculture facilities and potable water reservoirs when used as labeled

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Gallon:  $52.99

Case (4 gal):  $174.99