Microbe-Lift Ich-Out

ML Ich Out

Microbe-lift Ich-Out promotes rapid relief of Ich and Parasitic Diseases for all pond fish.

Combines three of the most preferred anti-parasitic ingredients as well as a topical treatment for an effective treatment for Ich (white spots) Trichodina (flicking, flashing, excess mucus production) and Chilodonella.

Safely helps to reduce the chances of secondary infections and will not burn.

Intended for use with all pond, ormamental fish and aquatic life.

Add one oz per 60 gallons. Several treatments are recommended. First treatment encounters parasites on outer surfaces of the fish. Second and third treatments kill the hatching and free swimming parasites. Space treataments 48 hours apart.


1 Gallon:  $59.99

1 Gallon:  $29.99