Microbe-Lift KH Booster

KH Booster

Essential for Nitrification

Use For:

            Tap water, tank water, and change water

Should pond or aquarium carbonate levels fall below the necessary level, nitrification will stop and will fail to start again. With the loss of KH, pH levels will vary and pH can be difficult to control as KH stabilizes aquarium pH.


Contains a proprietary blend of Carbonate Hardness constituents.

The natural biological ammonia removal process in aquariums referred to as nitrification requires the presence of carbonate alkalinity at all times, called KH. The nitrification process utilizes 7.1 pounds of KH for every pound of ammonia removed. This biological ammonia removal process (nitrification) continuously depletes KH and therefore must be monitored and restored as necessary. 

2 lbs. container

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