Pond Skimmers


Skimmers act as pond pre-filters and remove solids, floating scum and debris. Constructed of high-quality molded polyethylene, each skimmer is equipped with a chamber large enough to hold a pump and check valve assembly (sold separately.)

A unique collection basket is also included with each skimmer. The rigid basket is designed for easy service; it can be removed for a quick rinse with a garden hose after it becomes laden with pond debris. All skimmers include a black polyethylene lid. An optional artificial rock lid-cover is available but sold separately. Installation instructions are included with each skimmer purchase.


Model Wier Width

Max Flow

Max Pond Area Price
4000 6" 3000 gph 17.5"w x 24"d x 22"h $280.00
4500 9" 4000 gph 17.5"w x 24"d x 22"h $312.00