Pondmaster 2000 Mini Pump Vault

For pumps up to 1800 gallons per hour

Acts As A Pre-Filter to Protect Submerged Pump Intakes from Getting Clogged with Gravel or Debris

Built of Rugged, Weather-Resistant Polyethylene Plastic

Horizontal, Hooded Intake Slots From Bottom To Top Resist Clogging and Sedimentation

Reinforced Lid Withstands The Weight Of Gravel and Stones

Works Great For Free Standing Fountains, Endless Streams and Waterfalls

Buttressed To Withstand Backfilling Without Warping or Collapsing

Pre-Bored For 1½" and 2" Pipe with Bulkheads for Auto Fill Valve


Originally:  $185.99

Clearance Price:  $93.00