Pro-Series 34" Straight Spillway

Pro-Series 34" Straight Spillway
Retail List Price: $443.99
Sale Price: $222.00


  • Straight spillways of 18", come assembled. The straight, inward and outward pieces are interchangeable and can be used in any combination.

  • Dual bulkheads (included) allow incoming water from either or both ends. A plug is included for whichever end is not used.

  • Use inward curving pieces to create a concave waterfall, use outward curving sections to create a "peninsula" with water falling off three sides or use the inward and outward combined together to create an "S" shaped waterfall!

  • Easy bolt together assembly - no drilling needed!


     Waterfall spillways are designed to sit inside the liner eliminating any concerns of leaking. The liner simply goes under the spillway and up the back side. The bulkhead fitting secures liner to tub where the hose enters the spillway.