Solar-Powered Fish Feeder: Small Capacity

Solar Powered Fish Feeder is carefully engineered and designed with reliable and convenient performance features, making this fish feeder the clear choice among pond management professionals and pond and lake owners across America.

Utilizing a high velocity air stream to project feed pellets into the water, this feeder delivers a wedge-shaped feed pattern 45 feet in length by 20 feet in width. The EZ Set Digital Timer controls a specially engineered dual motor system. A metered flow of feed is introduced directly into the air blower assembly, eliminating the need for problematic augers, solenoids or shut-off gates.

  • Two built-in sight gauges
  • Large, welded footpads
  • Height-adjustable legs


70 lbs. Capacity Feeder:  $799.99

100 lbs. Capacity Feeder:  $869.99

Solar Panel:   $99.99

Replacement Battery:  $29.99