Microbe Lift Sabbactisun Ready-to-Use

Sabbactisun RTU

Ready To Use Concentrate

Herbal Water Conditioner

All Natural Expellant for Bacterial Diseases

Herbal Actives provide a Natural Aquatic Environment effective against:

Laguna Bamboo Spitter

Pond spitters are a classic way to accentuate and add visual amusement to water gardens. They also produce the soothing sounds of quite trickling water. 


Originally $30.00

Sale Price:  $20.00

Plant Package (Small)

The convenient plant packages include a mix of winter hardy and non-invasive varieties that will thrive in the shallow water habitat that the Floating Islands provide.

Solar-Powered Fish Feeder: Small Capacity

Solar Powered Fish Feeder is carefully engineered and designed with reliable and convenient performance features, making this fish feeder the clear choice among pond management professionals and pond and lake owners across America.

Ultimate Fish Scale

Ultimate Fish Scale is made of coated polypropylene plastic that repels water.  The curved end makes it easy to place fish without worrying about them sliding off.  The ultra portable handle makes this a breeze to grab and go.  The sheer width of this scale makes guesswork obsolete and precision the key factor.



Kasco 1/2 Hp X-Stream (2400SF)

Kasco 1/2 Hp x-Stream Fountain is the ideal floating fountain for small water gardens up to large ponds.  The unit includes a standard high flow v-shaped pattern, dual debris screens, three mooring lines, and a control panel with photo eye, timer and GFCI and has the ability to create over 30 spray patterns with the multiple pattern nozzle.  No electrician is required for installation, if an existing 120 V, 15 A receptacle is available near the pond's edge.

Catfish Trap Nets

Catfish Trap Nets are ideal for harvesting catfish faster, easier and in larger numbers.  This hoop-style net allows fish to enter through two narrowing throats and remain trapped and unharmed inside the net.  A drawstring end allows for easy fish removal.  The Catfish Trap Net is easy to bait and anchor anywhere in the pond.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings are the byproduct of raising nightcrawlers and red worms.  Castings are a long lasting, organic fertilizer that provide outstanding benefits to terrestrial plants.

  • Use on vegetables, annual flowers, roses, trees, potted plants and lawns
  • Will not burn plants
  • Apply every 2 months
  • Not for use in ponds

5 lbs.  $6.99

Frog Gig

Frog Gig

Frog Gig is used to harvest bullfrogs during their season.  When fried or grilled, frog legs provide a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and potassium. 

Hanging Fish Feeder

Hanging Bug Whipper Light

Hanging Fish Feeder feeds gamefish by attracting insects.  Once crippled, bugs flutter on the water furface and feed the waiting fish.