Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media (20 lbs.)

Aquatic Planting Media

Microbe-lift Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media is pre colonized with beneficial bacteria. It contains NO Fertilizer, NO Compost, NO Peat and NO Pesticides. 100% natural minerals, kiln fired.

It is the perfect media for planting aquatic plants. It retains oxygen, has an enormous surface area which is perfect to colonize beneficial nitrifying bacteria and is non-toxic to plants. It will not break down, float or cloud pond water. It is naturally, safe for all fish and aquatic life. Contains NO nutrients.

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye imparts a beautiful, natural hue to ponds, lakes and decorative fountains. 

Premium Koi Food

Premium Koi Food is enriched with natural color enhancers such as spirulina algae and krill meal, and is properly balanced to promote rich colors in ornamental fish. It is available in two floating pellet sizes. The floating pellets should be fed daily, only feeding as much as your fish will eat in five to ten minutes. Premium Koi Food will not cloud the water.

Raccoon Trap (Set of 2)

Raccoon Trap is a live trap designed to capture nuisance raccoons around a property or garden.  The trap should be placed and baited near the primary hub of raccoon activity.


Weedtrine D

Weedtrine®-D is a defoliant herbicide used to control submerged and floating aquatic weeds. 

  • Requires 5-10 gallons per surface acre
  • Do not use treated water for animal consumption, irrigation or domestic purposes for 5 days after treatment
  • Less effective in muddy water
  • Diquat dibromide concentration 8.53%

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Bentonite Clay Pallet (48 Bags)

Bentonite Clay, also known as sodium bentonite, is a granular, clay compound useful in reducing water loss from ponds through aqueous seepage and holes.

Pondseal Pallet (48 Bags)


Pondseal can be used in a number of circumstances to prevent and repair water loss in a pond and is comprised of a limestone inner core coated in sodium bentonite. 

Self-Weighted Tubing (3/8")

Self-Weighted Tubing requires no assistance from any other weighting device, such as bricks or rebar.

100 ft. of 3/8" ID:  $129.99


Copper Sulfate Fine

Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate Fine is a simple, copper compound that has been used to control nuisance algae for decades.  

Copper Sulfate Granular (15 lbs.)

Copper Sulfate Granular is a simple, copper compound that has been used to control nuisance algae for decades.