XL Fish Food Lures

The XL Fish Food Lures are ideal for catching catfish and other adult predators.

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Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series Dock Section (90" x 120")

Connect-A-Dock provides flexibility to create a variety of dock shapes and styles.  This floating, modular dock system is perfect for boat docks, swimming platforms, fishing and sunbathing.  Docks can be chosen from preconfigured packages or designed from scratch to suit specific situations.

This item ships via motor freight.  When ordering, a customer will be contacted within 1 business day with a shipping quote.


Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series Float Section (72" x 120")

The Connect-A-Dock floating dock has many advantages over a traditional stationary dock.  In areas where the water level fluctuates, the floating dock will safely adjust to the new water level, up to 10 feet.  The Connect-A-Dock can also be relocated closer or further away from the shore in accordance to the adjusting water level.  Installation or reassembly can easily be done with a wrench and a helping hand.  The 2000 Series Docks are larger in size and work well in areas where water levels fluctuate.

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye Special

Buy 3 Quarts of Concentrated Blue Lake Dye and Get 1 Fishing Reel Free!

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye imparts a beautiful, natural hue to ponds, lakes and decorative fountains. 


Pondseal can be used in a number of circumstances to prevent and repair water loss in a pond and is comprised of a limestone inner core coated in sodium bentonite. 

Forage Stocking

THE FORAGE STOCKING includes a combination of fathead minnows and golden shiners. 

Buffering Agent

Alum is often applied with a buffering agent, such as sodium bicarbonate, to avoid a rapid pH drop.

  • Helps maintain a pH of 6-8 when applied with aluminum sulfate
  • Application rates vary from 50 lbs. to 2000 lbs per surface acre
  • Utilize pH pen to monitor pH fluctions


50 lbs.  $59.99

Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum Sulfate, or alum, has long been used as a water clarifying agent and rapid phosphorus binder. Depending on weather conditions, several applications throughout the season may be required.  Alum has the potential to rapidly drop water pH.  This rapid change has the potential to negatively impact aquatic life.  Monitoring pH during applications is highly recommended.


Stingray® is a selective, aquatic herbicide used in the management of floating aquatic weeds, such as water lettuce, water hyacinth, salvinia and duckweed.